May I say how much your concert was enjoyable last night.  All your efforts of travelling to and fro and playing so expertly were much appreciated.  We are a small community and your help was very generous.  You all looked so smart and cheerful which was so encouraging for us.  The programme was admirable.  Thank you - do come again. 
Michael Pritchard.

I joined BWE because, having taken up the flute again after a 20 year break, my flute teacher felt it would benefit me to play with other people and recommended BWE as a group to try.  I was very nervous about going along the first time as, in addition to not being a very confident player, I had never taken any grading exams in the past and I was concerned that this would be a problem, however, I was made completely welcome from the start, despite joining two weeks before a concert.
The thing I enjoy the most about BWE is the fact that I feel I am being stretched musically whilst having a fun evening with a lot of laughs.